What is a Handyman?

Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

I received a call asking what a handyman does exactly.  Before answering, I thought about it for a moment…. it was certainly a straightforward enough question, but it was also very complex and did not want to name every task Mr. Handyman does.  after the moment passed, I realized that the caller really wanted to know the difference between a handyman and trade specific experts.  After a little discussion of the differences between a handyman and a trades-person, I realized that other may also be confused as well.  To help clear up the confusion, I decided to help to differentiate between Mr. Handyman and other construction trades companies.

The most clear and concise answer is that Mr. Handyman (as do other handyman companies) focuses on household repair tasks that are smaller in scope to save the customer money.  How do we do that?  Most licensed contractors have a larger overhead with multiple vehicles, tools, commerical building, and many employees.  They must charge higher rates for materials and labor to cover their expenses. For example,  if you were hire a large plumbing contractor to service your cooler for the start of the season, chances are their labor rate will be much higher than it would be for a smaller company like Mr. Handyman due to the scale of their operations.  On the other side, you would not hire a Mr. Handyman to re-pipe your entire house due to scale.  It takes two or more plumber to re-pipe an entire house and a handyman is generally a single person.  The size of that job would be too large for a handyman to be efficient as it would take longer causing more visits.  Time is an expensive cost to consider.

Here at Mr. Handyman, our focus is what I call the sweet spot.  We want to save you money on your smaller….. plumbing jobs, drywall repair, drain cleaning, door replacements, ceiling fan installations, and more.  Call us today to make an appointment.


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