Repairing a Cracked Tub or Shower Pan

Nutub shower and tub inlay.

Photo is of an actual repair done by Mr. Handyman.

Many tubs and shower pans/surrounds made in the 1980’s and 1990’s are vulnerable to stress cracks.  Unfortunately,  to replace a tub or shower in its entirety can cost thousands of dollars.  An alternative is to repair your existing tub or shower using a product called Nutub from Napco .  It’s an inlay designed to cover the cracked area which also offers structural support as well.

Some of the drawbacks are it is not exactly fit for a DYI’er as it does require some experience as the surface of the tubs need special attention in order for the bonding agent to perform.  Another potential issue is the color of the inlay only comes in a bright white and these tubs and shower tend to yellow over time and therefore there is an obvious color difference.

We at Mr. Handyman endorse this product, mainly due to its superior performance, but also because the color difference can be overcome by using a special paint that matches the overlay color and therefore the savings is substantial.

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