Chair Lift Installation

Before photo

The stairwell before photo.

We recently were asked to install a chair lift from Ameriglide on an exterior Condo stairwell.  From first glance, the project seemed very straightforward, but as the old adage goes, “looks can be deceiving”.   The two main challenges were an uneven or bowing stairs and no electrical outlet nearby.

The electrical issue was made more difficult by the fact we could not add an additional electrical line due to the fact it was a Condo and we would need permission from the HOA, a permit, and an inspection.  This was beyond both the budget and timeline of the owner.  So, the best solution for all involved was to run an extension cord inside of conduit through a water heater closet and into a nearby patio.  We added a GFCI to ensure some ground fault protection.

Ameriglide chairlift installation.

Completed Installation of an Ameriglide chair lift.


The uneven stairs were not as difficult to take care of given the installation brackets were adjustable, but it did take some extra care and time to align them up correctly.

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